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Re: finish mode needed for plugins?

From: Stefan Kost
Subject: Re: finish mode needed for plugins?
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 10:00:39 +0300
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Ralf Wildenhues schrieb:
> * Stefan Kost wrote on Mon, Sep 08, 2008 at 09:26:45PM CEST:
>>> Btw. is it really neccesary to run libtool --finish for plugins. This calls
>>> "ldconfig -n /path/to/plugins" and print a lot of text that suggest users 
>>> to eventually add the libdir to their LD_LIBRARY_PATH, which is definitely 
>>> no what they should do.
>> I interpret that silence that right now there is no means for appropriate 
>> $finish_cmds for shared libraries build as modules. Is this something 
>> that could be added? Is there any supported platform that needs to run 
>> something in this step?
> Well, first off, silence really means nothing except that I've either
> not had a chance to look at this, or don't have anything useful to add.
> The LD_LIBRARY_PATH bit is not wrong per se, after all that is one
> way to let dlopen find the module.
> I actually don't know, however, whether finish_eval or finish_cmds are
> needed for plugins, on some systems.  If somebody could do the research
> and find out, that would be helpful.
$ grep "finish_cmds='" /usr/share/libtool/libtool.m4
  finish_cmds='PATH="\$PATH:/sbin" ldconfig $libdir'
  finish_cmds='PATH="\$PATH:/sbin" ldconfig -n $libdir'
    finish_cmds='PATH="\$PATH:/sbin" ldconfig -m $libdir'
  finish_cmds='PATH="\$PATH:/sbin" ldconfig -m $libdir'
  finish_cmds='PATH="\$PATH:/usr/etc" ldconfig $libdir'

All of those are unix environments. According to the man pages all
ldconfig does is only needed for versioned libraries. Imho it really can
be skipped for libraries built using "-module".

linux* | k*bsd*-gnu)
  ??? can't get a link, newer solaris systems don't have it anymore at all

As it seems to be safe to skip finish_cmds for "-module" libraries,
would you have an idea how to do it in practise?

> Cheers,
> Ralf

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