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[master] allow_undefined_flag=unsupported breaks runpath-in-lalib.at (28

From: Michael Haubenwallner
Subject: [master] allow_undefined_flag=unsupported breaks runpath-in-lalib.at (28)
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 16:50:56 +0100


seems that libtool does not record .la libs into dependency_libs when:
      * shared libs initially should be created
      * '-no-undefined' is not passed
      * but allow_undefined_flag="unsupported"

As a result,
      * this warning is printed (fine):
        "undefined symbols not allowed in $host shared libraries"
      * only the static library is created (fine)
but: dependency_libs does not contain the dependent libraries.

This can easily be tried on Linux with first setting
allow_undefined_flag=unsupported and then running testsuite 28:
Effect is that libb.la (static only) does not depend on liba.la (static
only too, might not matter), so the 'm' executable fails to link.

This bites me on AIX when I explicitly do not want runtime linking, so I
(want to) have allow_undefined_flag=unsupported.

Also this situation is broken (reusing input from runpath-in-lalib.at),
even with default allow_undefined_flag="":
      * liba.la is created with -static (as static only)
      * libb.la is created (as both shared and static)
        but dependency_libs does not contain liba.la
      * m is created with -static
        resulting in a() being undefined.




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