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[2.2.7a] (patch) runtime-linking and soname-equivalent together on AIX

From: Michael Haubenwallner
Subject: [2.2.7a] (patch) runtime-linking and soname-equivalent together on AIX
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 15:33:35 +0100


now here is a patch to have both runtime-linking (-brtl) _and_ a
'soname'-equivalent at the same time on AIX, and this by default!

There is much in-patch explanation for what and why something is done.

The checks were run on AIX 5.3 with
      * xlc Version 6 (no xlC)
      * gcc/g++-3.3.6
      * gcc/g++-3.4.6

With these setups:
        CC=gcc CXX=g++
        CC=xlc CXX=g++
_all_ checks PASS now.

With these setups:
        CC=gcc CXX=g++ LDFLAGS=-Wl,-bnortl
        CC=xlc CXX=g++ LDFLAGS=-Wl,-bnortl
only "28: Runpath in libtool library files (runpath-in-lalib.at)" failed
due to

With these setups:
        OBJECT_MODE=64 CC='gcc -maix64' CXX='g++ -maix64'
        OBJECT_MODE=64 CC='xlc'         CXX='g++ -maix64'
        OBJECT_MODE=64 CC='gcc -maix64' CXX='g++ -maix64' LDFLAGS=-Wl,-bnortl
        OBJECT_MODE=64 CC='xlc'         CXX='g++ -maix64' LDFLAGS=-Wl,-bnortl
the checks
      * each 'tests/tagdemo-make.test'
      * 20: C++ convenience archives (convenience.at)
      * 32: sys_lib_search_path (search-path.at)
      * 63: simple template test (template.at)
      * 64: template test with subdirs (template.at)
failed because of
      * an unrelated multilib-gcc searchpath problem: -L/usr/local/lib
        _before_ -L/usr/local/lib/ppc64, so the 32bit libstdc++.a is
      * I do not have a 64bit zlib at least

Please comment!



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