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Re: libtool.git & cl.exe & Mingw32

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: libtool.git & cl.exe & Mingw32
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2008 16:09:46 +0100

Le 21 déc. 08 à 17:49, Ralf Wildenhues a écrit :

Hi Akim,

Hi Ralf!

* Akim Demaille wrote on Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 11:41:34AM CET:
Yet I have a slight problem: for some reason the top-level wrapper (lt-
cli.exe in my case) tries to launch .libs/lt-cli.exe, which does not
exist.  What does exist is .libs/cli.exe (and actually it makes more
sense to me).  So I had to change libtool:

Thanks for the report. You can make your bug reports even more perfect by providing './libtool --tag=CC --config', and writing to bug- libtool.


And, in this case, also providing --mode=link command line and output.

Sure :)

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so that _spawnv be given newargz[0] (== .libs/cl.exe) as first argument
instead of lt_argv_zero (== .libs/lt-cl.exe).

I don't understand exactly what the code is expected to do: is the
problem the value of lt_argv_zero (which is what I suspect), or rather
the fact that there is no .libs/lt-cli.exe (which I doubt).  This is
what I get without this change:

Both .libs/foo$EXEEXT and .libs/lt-foo$EXEEXT are needed on some systems
but I haven't checked whether that is still the case for w32 after the
recent-ish changes.


Also, I have enabled the DEBUGWRAPPER traces by changing libtool by
hand, is there a better way?  Read the code I see that the wrappers
support options, but I found no documentation about them, and there is
no --lt-help: is this for Libtool developers only?

Well, adding options to the wrapper is problematic: it should be
transparent to the user program it wraps. Thus options are bad bad bad.

Well, these options start by --lt-. Would you prefer an envvar? That might make things harder on hostile enwinronments.

You can './configure CFLAGS=-DDEBUGWRAPPER' I guess; but good thing we
didn't document that because it's bad bad bad again that we didn't stick
to LT_ namespace here.  Will fix.


I also need the following patch to avoid tens of warnings when compiling the wrappers:

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