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EXEEXT fot tests/execute-mode.at

From: Roumen Petrov
Subject: EXEEXT fot tests/execute-mode.at
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 16:13:47 +0300
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Hi all,
Please find attached a minor fix for test case.

diff --git a/tests/execute-mode.at b/tests/execute-mode.at
index 0fba29c..0cc5288 100644
--- a/tests/execute-mode.at
+++ b/tests/execute-mode.at
@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ do

 # Check that .la files are not transformed by the wrapper searching loop.
-AT_CHECK([$LIBTOOL --mode=execute echo ./main liba.lo libfakelib.la], [], 
+AT_CHECK([$LIBTOOL --mode=execute echo ./main$EXEEXT liba.lo libfakelib.la], 
[], [stdout])
 # This could be .libs/lt-main or similar (or just plain `main').
 AT_CHECK([grep main stdout], [], [ignore])
 AT_CHECK([grep liba.lo stdout], [], [ignore])

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