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Re: Libtool generating flags incompatible with nvcc

From: Mahesh N
Subject: Re: Libtool generating flags incompatible with nvcc
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 11:49:55 +0530

Hi Ralf,

As we have discussed earlier about generating appropriate flags for nvcc during the linking stage, patching libtool script files, etc - I read in nvidia forums that gcc or g++ can be used during the linking stage. Is there any Macro which I can set in configure.ac in order to direct the Makefiles and libtool to use a particular linker - gcc here instead of nvcc?

(i.e.) just as in AC_PROG_CC, I can list the preferences for compilers to use eg: AC_PROG_CC([gcc mingw nvcc]) can I specify linker options somewhere? If such a support is added to Autotools it would be great as I have seen two other threads where people are facing similar issues.


Research Intern
IIT Madras
Computer Science Engineering
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