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Bug regarding "-Wl" setting of libtool in autoconf context.

Subject: Bug regarding "-Wl" setting of libtool in autoconf context.
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 12:43:20 +0200


When libtool is used in conjunction with autoconf and automake, the "wl="" values in the generated libtool
script remain empty (instead of wl="-Wl,") in many cases, even with compilers sur as PGI or IBM XL compilers
which require link option to be passed through -Wl,... as they do not accept direct syntax.

Link then fails as options are passed directly to the compiler without the -Wl,... protection,
and the compiler complains.

This is a longstanding bug, an I found a workaround in a configure.in file from HDF5, as follows :

if test "x$GCC" != "xyes"; then
  echo 'fixing $wl in libtool'
ed - libtool <<EOF 2> /dev/null

But this workaround occasionally fails to work with libtool2 (I have had to move it closer to the end of configure.ac
to have it work most of the time, so I suspect a race condition with other auconf actions).

I do not know if this bug has been reported before (it is old, but still there), an am not sure if the bug is in
autoconf or in libtool, but it would seem that setting wl="-Wl," by default and only unsetting it for GCC or
a compiler known not to need it would seem sane.

Best regards,

        Yvan Fournier

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