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Re: libtool-2.2.11a on AIX 5.3 current git master 2010-08-25 /status

From: Rainer Tammer
Subject: Re: libtool-2.2.11a on AIX 5.3 current git master 2010-08-25 /status
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 09:35:38 +0200
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On 21.09.2010 19:59, Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
> Hello Rainer,
> * Rainer Tammer wrote on Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 11:15:47AM CEST:
>> after this patch all tests from the old test suite are OK.
> Great!
>> The new test suite still shows some problems but its getting much better:
> Yeah.  They pass fully with LDFLAGS=-Wl,-brtl.  But the failures without
> runtimelinking are long-standing, not recent regressions.  That means we
> don't have to fix them before the release.
Usually I set "-Wl,-brtl" but in this case I was trying to set as little
as possible options.

Would it be OK to add this:

diff --git a/doc/PLATFORMS b/doc/PLATFORMS
index a724144..9d76364 100644
--- a/doc/PLATFORMS
+++ b/doc/PLATFORMS
@@ -114,6 +114,7 @@ mips-sni-sysv4                      gcc      1.3.5    ok
 mipsel-unknown-openbsd2.1       gcc      1.0      ok
 powerpc-apple-darwin6.4         gcc      1.5      ok
 (apple dev tools released 12/2002)
+powerpc-ibm-aix5.3.0.0          xlc      2.2.12   ok (with
 powerpc-ibm-aix4.3.1.0          gcc      1.2f     ok
 powerpc-ibm-aix4.2.1.0          gcc      1.2f     ok


diff --git a/README b/README
index f88901c..9e8d845 100644
--- a/README
+++ b/README
@@ -319,6 +319,17 @@ notice and this notice are preserved.  This file is
offered as-is,
 without warranty of any kind.

+6. Platform specific notes
+6.1. AIX
+On AIX is is recommended to set:
+  export LDFLAGS="-Wl,-brtl"

> I've pushed the patch now.  Gary, I'm done, but Peter Rosin has pending
> stuff still.
> Thanks again,
> Ralf
  Rainer Tammer

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