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dlpreopening for windows hosts and name of the module

From: Roumen Petrov
Subject: dlpreopening for windows hosts and name of the module
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 21:58:14 +0300
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Hello all,

The libtool manual describe dlpreopening and details structure of preloaded_symbols.

The current test "enforced lib prefix"(need_lib_prefix.at) pass on windows host as modules are build without -no-undefined flag.

If the test is modified as -no-undefined is add to build libtool create following list with symbols:
lt__PROGRAM__LTX_preloaded_symbols[] =
{  { "@PROGRAM@", (void *) 0 },
  {"libfoo1.dll", (void *) 0},
  {"libfoo1_LTX_i", (void *) &foo1_LTX_i},
  {"libfoo1_LTX_f", (void *) &foo1_LTX_f},
  {"libfoo2.dll", (void *) 0},
  {"libfoo2_LTX_i", (void *) &libfoo2_LTX_i},
  {"libfoo2_LTX_f", (void *) &libfoo2_LTX_f},
  {0, (void *) 0}

In this case the test will fail "84. need_lib_prefix.at:25: skipped (need_lib_prefix.at:170)" with following message on standart error:
function `f' not found: Procedure not found
error during preloading.

The issue is that preopen interface search for modules ending only with suffix ".a" but libtool func_generate_dlsyms set as name of module the name of dll.

What about to change func_generate_dlsyms to use ".a" suffix as in attached file "libtool-dlopen_for_windows_module.patch".

After that patch test succeed on line 170 . Currently its fail on line 183 - test after installation. The current failure is due missing PATH magic.


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