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Re: Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2 compiler incompatibility with libtool

From: Terry Dontje
Subject: Re: Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2 compiler incompatibility with libtool
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 14:01:25 -0500
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On 11/16/2010 01:56 PM, Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
* Terry Dontje wrote on Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 07:47:36PM CET:
On 11/15/2010 04:17 PM, Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
Ahh, so Solaris Studio changed their Fortran compiler characteristics.
libtool.m4 has:

        case `$CC -V 2>&1 | sed 5q` in
        *Sun\ F* | *Sun*Fortran*)
          # Sun Fortran 8.3 passes all unrecognized flags to the linker
          _LT_TAGVAR(lt_prog_compiler_pic, $1)='-KPIC'
          _LT_TAGVAR(lt_prog_compiler_static, $1)='-Bstatic'
          _LT_TAGVAR(lt_prog_compiler_wl, $1)=''
        *Sun\ C*)
          # Sun C 5.9
          _LT_TAGVAR(lt_prog_compiler_pic, $1)='-KPIC'
          _LT_TAGVAR(lt_prog_compiler_static, $1)='-Bstatic'
          _LT_TAGVAR(lt_prog_compiler_wl, $1)='-Wl,'

which looks like old Fortran compilers didn't accept a -Wl, or '-Qoption
ld' argument to pass flags on to the linker.  Or maybe it still doesn't,
but -r is detected as a compiler argument now.  See also

Can you confirm whether -Wl, or '-Qoption ld' is accepted by Solaris
Studio 12.2 f90 for GNU/Linux now?
Either one seem to work with Studio 12.2 and both show up in the
-flags output.
I checked an earlier Studio circa 2009 and only -Qoption works and
only shows up in -flags output.

 The online docs don't seem to
present me with different man pages for the Solaris and the GNU/Linux
versions, but I am fairly certain that the old versions did not accept
the flags.
Please also post
  cc -V
  CC -V
  f90 -V
My 2009 compiler show's
cc: Sun C 5.10 Linux_i386 2009/04/01
CC: Sun C++ 5.10 Linux_i386 2009/04/01
f90: Sun Fortran 95 8.4 Linux_i386 2009/04/01

My Studio 12.2 compiler show's
cc: Sun C 5.11 Linux_i386 2010/08/13
CC: Sun C++ 5.11 Linux_i386 2010/08/13
f90: Sun Fortran 95 8.5 Linux_i386 2010/08/13
Thanks.  Now the only remaining question is whether we still need to
support that thing called 'Sun Ceres Fortran' here:
and if yes, whether that also supported '-Qoption ld' already, despite
a hint to the contrary in that reference.

Any chance one of you might know/remember this?
Like a bad recurring nightmare :-).

Note the f90 2009 compiler is the 8.4 where Ceres was 8.3.  So from 8.4 on -Qoption is supported.  I think we probably would want to still support Ceres but let me ask around.

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