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Crash with libtool geneated import *.libs for dll(s) in MSVC++ Release t

From: Francesco Pretto
Subject: Crash with libtool geneated import *.libs for dll(s) in MSVC++ Release target (Debug OK)
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2011 17:28:43 +0200

Hello I'm a newcomer,

I having a crash with import *.libs generated by libtool and used in
MSVC++ 2008 SP1, 32 bit compilation, Release target. The crash is a
page fault that triggers during DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH. I can reproduce
always and other [1] users have noticed the problem.

I have prepared a simple MSVC 2008 projec [2] that manifests the
problem with libav* (ffmpeg) libraries, generated with libtool. It
uses MSVC *default* settings for Release target. To reproduce:

1) Decompress;
2) Goto src directory, open the solution;
3) Select Release, compile, run --> crash;
4) Select Debug, compile, run --> OK.

I'm not exactly sure of the exact libtool version used for these
libraries, but I have the same issue for other libraries with "libtool
(GNU libtool) 2.4".

Follows the command used for *.libs generation:


Please, ask me if you need more info.


[2] http://robotics.dei.unipd.it/~fpretto/test-libtool-libs.zip

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