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bug#8557: libtool must not depend on existence of system '/usr/lib*/*.la

From: Jason Vas Dias
Subject: bug#8557: libtool must not depend on existence of system '/usr/lib*/*.la' files
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 00:55:33 +0100
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On Wednesday 27 April 2011 04:14:21 you wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 19:48, Jason Vas Dias wrote:
> > And my major primary central questions to the whole libtool community 
> > raised in several bug reports (both inadvertently by replying to 
> > 'bug-libtool' and
> > intentionally by creating different bugs - sorry ! - there should be only 
> > two:  #8537 and #8557 ) is :
> >
> > WHY IS LIBTOOL SPECIFYING -nostdlibs  -nostdlib \$predep_objects AND 
> drop the caps crap.
> the libtool as found in $PATH targets the toolchain is was configured
> for.  this is why libtool is always packaged/generated with the build
> system in packages that use it ... when you configure/build the
> package for a specific target, the local ./libtool is compiled
> properly for that target.  attempting to use `libtool` for anything
> other than the native gcc really isnt its intended use.
> perhaps in the future this might change as an enhancement, but today,
> it sounds like you're just using it wrong.
> -mike
Hi Mike - thanks for responding ! Sorry, I didn't realize capitals were somehow 

RE:  >  the libtool as found in $PATH targets the toolchain is was configured 

Yes,  I know this,  but perhaps I made insufficiently clear what led to me 
raising these
bugs was the errors / anomalies observed when just running ./libtool via
"configure" / "autogen.sh" and "make" .
Then I looked at the /usr/bin/libtool to see what it was doing that could shed 
light on these bugs; 
that's the only program that libtool installs from its source that one can test 
, and is mentioned
in the documentation - many of the documentation examples would fail if the 
$CFLAGS used in
them selects a different $sys_lib_search_path , because the /usr/bin/libtool 
program would use
the wrong $sys_lib_search_path_spec setting .

For bug 8537, this was a combination of poppler's libtool using '-nostdlibs' 
and triggering glibc bug #12454 ,
and for bug 8557, this was mainly because of that stdc++.la being referenced in 
some installed /usr/lib*/*.la file.

Perhaps a really nice new feature for libtool would be some option to make all 
libtool scripts not install any .la files in /{,lib,usr/lib}*/  
and to ignore any .la files found there ? Or at least, when some .la is not 
found, to print which .la it was sourcing that caused it to
look for the missing .la ? ( Some ".la backtrace" feature ? )

And why if the $CFLAGS makes gcc look in /usr/lib32 first , and never look in 
/usr/lib64, should ANY libtool script be looking for a 32-bit .la 
or anything  in /usr/lib64/ ?

I thought perhaps it was because those compiled scripts somehow inherited the 
sys_lib_search_path_spec setting behaviour from
the /usr/bin/libtool script . Why install /usr/bin/libtool if it is not meant 
to be used for anything but gcc ?

Anyway, installing libtool from the GIT head (requiring upgrade to 
automake-1.11a) seemed to fix the poppler build problem so I guess these
bugs can be closed if noone thinks there are any valid issues raised by them - 
sorry if this is the case.

I'd like to investigate further exactly why the poppler lib32 build specified 
-nostdlibs and triggered glibc bug 12454 with libtool-2.4.1 and automake 1.10.3 
but did not with libtool-2.4.1a and automake-1.11a  .

And I'd still like an answer to the basic question "why is libtool doing so 
much on Linux when gcc gets it right on its own" ?
I don't think libtool should be doing things like forcing a library search path 
and -nostdlibs and predep_objects and postdep_objects
on gcc when it doesn't actually need to - ie unless there are exceptional 
circumstances when it is actually required . But this seems to be libtool's 
default behavior.
I'm curious as to what the rational is in forcing -nostdlib builds that 
explicitly specify all the CRT objects when gcc generally does this fine,
except in very rare and exceptional circumstances.

But thanks for your help,
all the best,

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