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bug#9728: Incorrect -L flags order for HP-UX

From: Peter O'Gorman
Subject: bug#9728: Incorrect -L flags order for HP-UX
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 21:52:36 -0500
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On 10/11/2011 08:58 AM, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
With libtool 2.4 and automake 1.11.1, we have the following problem
for MPFR 3.1.0. We have received a bug report saying that when the
tests are run on a HP-UX machine, the following command is run:

libtool: link: gcc -O2 -s -o tversion tversion.o  -L/opt/gnu/lib 
./.libs/libfrtests.a -lm -L../src/.libs -lmpfr -lgmp -Wl,+b 

The problem is that -L../src/.libs comes after -L/opt/gnu/lib, so that
linking is done against the MPFR version installed in /opt/gnu/lib
instead of the one from ../src/.libs, which has just been compiled.

Hi Vincent,

Unfortunately this is a fairly common problem.

If the flags were added by the user, they could set LIBS=-L/opt/gnu/lib instead on some platfroms, but that won't work on HP-UX either because its linker is rather strict that -L flags for paths that contain the library be ordered before the -l flag for that library.

Anyway, the problem can be avoided by not putting the -L and -l flags for gmp in LDFLAGS and LIBS, instead put both in e.g. GMP_LIBS, (GMP_LIBS="-L/opt/gnu/lib -lgmp"), then add $(GMP_LIBS) to LDADD.


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