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bug#12262: LT_CONFIG_H contains entire relative path when embedding libl

From: Brice Goglin
Subject: bug#12262: LT_CONFIG_H contains entire relative path when embedding libltdl in recursive mode
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 21:53:18 +0200
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I am reporting a problem that we discussed today in the thread starting at

The same behavior exists with libtool 2.2.6b and 2.4.2. Looking at the
git log, it has likely been there for ever.

I am attaching a small testcase. Here's how to use it:

tar xfj bug.tar.bz2
cd bug
autoreconf -ifv
[... fails quickly with...]
libltdl/lt__private.h:35:23: fatal error: mysubdir/config.h: No such file or 

The issue is that lt__private.h contains #include LT_CONFIG_H and
LT_CONFIG_H is set to the entire relative path given in
AC_CONFIG_HEADER. So the build cannot find it unless -I$(top_builddir)
is added to CPPFLAGS.

>From what was said in today's discussion, automake adds the path to the
config header to CPPFLAGS, so libltdl should just set LT_CONFIG_H to the
config header basename without any path.

The problem can be worked around by modifying the embedder's project
CPPFLAGS as explained above, or by adding this

  AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS_PRE([LT_CONFIG_H=`expr "$LT_CONFIG_H" : '.*/\(.*\)'`])


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