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bug#18917: --disable-static breaks unittests (runpath-in-lalib.at & need

From: Mike Frysinger
Subject: bug#18917: --disable-static breaks unittests (runpath-in-lalib.at & need_lib_prefix.at)
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 22:54:55 -0400

when you configure libtool with --disable-static, these two unittests fail:

if you hack the libtool script to set build_old_libs=yes by default, then the 
unittests pass.  it looks like libtool has flags to enable building of either 
static or shared libs, but there's no way to make it build both (which is the 
default with --enable-{shared,static}).

along those lines, it'd be nice if --disable-static didn't do this to the local 
copy of libtool that gets installed.  i understand the relationship between the 
configure flags and the generated libtool script -- normally you use the local 
libtool build the local libs and then only install those libs.  this is even 
it's used with libltdl.  but the libtool package itself is a bit special in 
it also installs the libtool script.

in Gentoo atm, i'm hacking this by setting build_old_libs=yes in the generated 
libtool script before testing/installing.  but ideally it'd be possible to 
install `libtool` with settings based on what the system can do, not how the 
package is building libltdl.{a,so}.

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