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bug#22373: Preloading symbols on Solaris 11.3

From: Martyn Plummer
Subject: bug#22373: Preloading symbols on Solaris 11.3
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2016 10:29:17 +0000

Solaris 11.3 (released October 2015) introduced a change in the "nm"
utility which breaks the ability of autoconf to detect that ltdl can use
preloaded symbols. The attached one-line patch fixes the problem.

My software [1] uses autoconf and incorporates the macro file libtool.m4
into the configure script. On Solaris 11.3 I get the following in


This is a change from Solaris 11.2 when the result was "yes".

The bug strikes when the variable "lt_cv_sys_global_symbol_pipe" is set.
The built-in test for the global symbol pipe fails and it is reset to

The  program conftest.c created for the test of the global symbol pipe

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
char nm_test_var;
void nm_test_func(void);
void nm_test_func(void){}
#ifdef __cplusplus
int main(){nm_test_var='a';nm_test_func();return(0);}

Under Solaris 11.2, the result of "/usr/bin/nm -p" on the object file
for this test program is

0000000032 T main
0000000016 T nm_test_func
0000000001 D nm_test_var

(additional lines of output omitted for clarity). Under 11.3 this is now

0000000032 T main
0000000016 T nm_test_func
0000000001 C nm_test_var

So nm_test_var is now listed as common ("C") instead of initialized data
("D"). This brings the behaviour of Oracle's nm in line with the GNU

Currently "C" is not recognized as a possible symbol code on Solaris.
Therefore nm_test_var is not extracted by the global symbol pipe and the
test fails. This bug is fixed in the attached patch for libtool.m4,
which adds "C" to the regular expression symcode for Solaris.

best regards
Martyn Plummer

PS The nm utility on Solaris is provided by the base-developer-utilities
package, and the change occurred between versions
0.5.11- and 0.5.11-


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