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bug#23872: Fix for "func__fatal_error: command not found"

From: Sam Thursfield
Subject: bug#23872: Fix for "func__fatal_error: command not found"
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2016 23:47:32 +0100


I had an issue with libtool where the linking would appear to succeed, but
actually the real .so file wouldn't be generated, and this warning would
appear multiple times:

    ../../libtool: line 2639: func__fatal_error: command not found

That turns out to be a simple misspelling of a function name, for which
I've attached a patch.

Fixing this allowed me to see the actual error, which was this:

    ../../libtool:   error: unsupported hardcode properties See the
libtool documentation for more information. Fatal configuration error.

This turned out to be a rather obtuse way of telling me that 'g++'
wasn't installed. I think that I hit a rather pathological case where
a C++ source file existed as part of my build, but didn't get built
due to package configuration options. So the lack of C++ compiler
didn't get spotted at compile time, but due to the presence of C++
source code, Automake generated a `libtool --tag=CXX --mode=link g++`
link command, which broke in this weird way. I don't know how to
prevent that situation, but hopefully describing it here helps someone
in future trying to debug the same issue...


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