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bug#28715: libtool 2.4.6 cross compiling eudev-3.2.4 aarch64 linaro tool

From: Thomas Jahns
Subject: bug#28715: libtool 2.4.6 cross compiling eudev-3.2.4 aarch64 linaro toolchain
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2017 11:10:13 +0200
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and now for the work-around:

On 10/06/17 11:03, Thomas Jahns wrote:
On 10/05/17 23:14, Peter Bohning wrote:
I have tried so many different options to get around this.  In fact, for most of the cross compilation I wrote a little library to LD_PRELOAD so that libtool and make install thinks the system root is other than it is.  But I can't use that here and this is a nightmare.
/bin/grep: /lib/libuuid.la: No such file or directory
/bin/sed: can't read /lib/libuuid.la: No such file or directory
libtool:   error: '/lib/libuuid.la' is not a valid libtool archive
Basically, no matter what I pass to the configure script, even if I patch the configure script, I can't get it to look for libblkid's libuuid dependency in my system root.

what probably went wrong is the dection of the compile-time system search path for libraries, which you can override by setting the LT_SYS_LIBRARY_PATH configure argument to the directories you want searched instead of /lib.

Regards, Thomas

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