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Re: VoltaBracket bug and Lyrics bug

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: VoltaBracket bug and Lyrics bug
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2002 12:28:23 +0100

> > 2. When I use a lyric-extender '--' on the last note of a bar the extender 
> > is treated as a note with the duration of the syllable it's attached to. (I 
> > believe Mats Bengtson said it was fixed in 1.4.9.uu1, but it isn't.)
> I don't think I said. Anyway, the bug still exists also in 1.5.28, 
> try for example the following modified version of 
> input/test/lyric-extender.ly:
> \score{
>   <
>     \context Staff \notes { c () c () c c | 
>       c () c () c c }
>     \context Lyrics \lyrics { bla __ alb xxx yyy ___ 
>       bla alb xxx __ yyy }
>   >
> }

Sorry for the confusion, the example above works fine
as long as I use two underscores instead of three at
the end of the first bar (silly mistake of mine). It 
works correctly in both 1.4.9, 1.4.10 and 1.5.28. 
If you still think you've found a bug, please send a 
short example to the list.


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