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skipTypesetting bug with beams

From: Bas Wassink
Subject: skipTypesetting bug with beams
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 20:50:09 +0000

I encountered a bug when using '\property Score.skipTypesetting'.
When I use this in a piece that has manual beaming in it, Lilypond issues 2 warnings for each time you use manual beaming:

warning: can't find start of beam
warning: Junking request: `Span_req'

Lilypond also puts in an empty bar, try this for example:

\version "1.4.9.uu1"
\score {
\notes {
\context Staff <
 \relative c' {
   \property Score.skipTypesetting = ##t
   [c8 d e f g a b c]
   \property Score.skipTypesetting = ##f
   c b a g f e d c


This bug was found in Lilypond 1.4.9.uu1.

Bas Wassink,
The Netherlands.

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