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Whole measure rests

From: Kenneth Almquist
Subject: Whole measure rests
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 11:45:15 -0500

When an entire measure consists of nothing but a rest, the accepted
convention is that the rest should be centered, rather than aligned
with the first beat of the measure.

In 3/4 time (and probably in other time signatures, but I haven't
checked that), the whole note rest symbol stands for one measure
worth of rest, and should be used for that purpose in preference
to alternative notations.  Therefore, in 3/4 time, "r2." should be
rendered as a whole note rest symbol, rather than a half note rest
followed by a dot.

Lilypond release 1.4.9 does not implement either of the above
conventions, with the result that is produces strange looking
output when asked to typeset a piece which contains an entire
measure of rest.  An example is appended.
                                Kenneth Almquist

\version "1.4.9"
papersize = "letter"
\include "paper26.ly"

\header {
   title = "Test of Full Measure Rest"
   subtitle = "January 29, 2002"
   composer = "Kenneth Almquist"
\score {
 < \context Staff = staffA {
     \key d \minor
     \time 3/4
     \clef treble
     \transpose c'' {
        c4 d e |
        f4 e f |
        e2. |
        \bar "|."
   \context Staff = staffB {
     \key d \minor
     \clef bass
        <c2. e2. g2.> |
        r2. |
        <c2. e2. g2.> |
        \bar "|."
 \paper {
        indent = 0.0 \in
        linewidth = 5.0 \in

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