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Re: Lilypond crashes without or with wrong error message (2 bugs)

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Lilypond crashes without or with wrong error message (2 bugs)
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 19:51:47 +0100

> Hallo, 
> I often experience errors like this:
> (.ly file: see attachment)
> address@hidden:~/henrik/Notizen/Noten/eigene/Orgel> ly2dvi
> RheinbergerErfuellungVB.ly
> Running LilyPond...
> GNU LilyPond 1.4.5
> Now processing:
> `/nfs/klio/home/henrik/Notizen/Noten/eigene/Orgel/RheinbergerErfuellungVB.ly'
> Verarbeite...
> Interpretiere die Noten...Fehler: lilypond: command exited with value 11
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/usr/bin/ly2dvi", line 782, in ?
>     run_lilypond (files, outbase, dep_prefix)
>   File "/usr/bin/ly2dvi", line 390, in run_lilypond
>     system ('lilypond %s %s ' % (opts, fs))
>   File "/usr/bin/ly2dvi", line 314, in system
>     error (msg)
>   File "/usr/bin/ly2dvi", line 207, in error
>     raise _ ("Exiting ... ")
> Exiting ...
> This happened with SuSE 7.3.
> It is very difficult to go on in such a situation, because
> there is nothing wrong in the lilypond source.

This annoying bug was fixed in Lilypond 1.4.7. What happens
is that Python sets a limit on the stacksize (in the UNIX kernel)
to be used by Python itself but unfortunately also by all programs
spawned by Python. I recommend that you upgrade to the latest stable
Lilypond release, 1.4.10. However, the fix is easy to implement also 
in version 1.4.5, just add the following lines somewhere close to 
the top of the ly2dvi script, i.e. the file specified by 'which ly2dvi'. 

       import resource
       resource.setrlimit (resource.RLIMIT_STACK, (-1, -1))

> -----------------
> Sometimes I get complaints about wrong bar checks,
> although the lilypond source is correct!
> I don't know how to handle such errors.
> (This is SuSE 7.2.)
> I hope the problems get resolved soon.
> Henrik

> teutates{henrik}[89]:ly2dvi RheinbergerErfuellungVB2.ly
> Running LilyPond...
> GNU LilyPond 1.3.150

Oops! That's an even older Lilypond version. However, both these
problems should be fixed by the patch described above or by 
installing the latest Lilypond version 1.4.10.


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