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Re: Problems

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Problems
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 12:59:51 +0100

> I downloaded the program "Lily Pond" last week, apparently successfully, but
> when I click to open it, it flashes up momentarily then disappears. What has
> gone wrong? Maureen Howard

Please specify which operating system and Lilypond version 
you are using and wherefrom you downloaded the program.

If your Lilypond version is earlier than lilypond-1.4.10-jcn1, 
recommend that you download the latest version from 
If you have a slow internet connection, don't dispair, the 
setup program will only update the programs that have changed
since last time.

I guess from your question and the header of the email that
you run some kind of Windows. What should happen when you
click on the Lilypond (or Cygwin) icon is that it should
open a window with a command prompt. It's really hard to
say what could have gone wrong with your installation. Did
you get any warnings during the installation? Did you install
in the suggested install directory (C:\cygwin\)?
Have you looked at http://lilypond.org/wiki/?TroubleshootingWindows ?

If you run Windows 2000, did you install as user or as administrator?
Have you tried running as administrator? (It should work to both 
install and run as ordinary user, at least if you have power user


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