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Re: Collected small patches

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Collected small patches
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 14:08:02 +0100

> > Generated by (address unknown),
> > From = lilypond-1.5.45, To = lilypond-1.5.45.mb1
> > +;; Ugh, the Bluesky type1 fonts for computer modern use capitalized 
> > +;; postscript font names.
> > +(define (capitalize-font-name name)
> I don't know much about this, but shouldn't Bluesky get a bug report
> and fix this?  I don't see mentioning of Bluesky in INSTALL; are those
> free, where to get them?

I'm refering to the Type1 fonts for the cmr family that are
included in the standard teTeX distribution. See 
$TEXMF/doc/fonts/bluesky/readme for some more information.
If you look in the different .map files in $TEXMF/dvips/config/
you'll see that the naming convention for the different Type1
fonts is a real mess when it comes to capitalization.
I wouldn't dare say what is right or wrong here. If you want
to dig into it, I guess the Adobe documentation is the best
starting point, 


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