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From: yahaya_sec
Subject: tender
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 23:02:25 -0800

E MAIL : address@hidden


Dear Sir,


Compliments of the season. I hope this message will reach you in the best of 
health and 
receive your prompt attention, 
even as we have not had any previous correspondence before. 
I got your contact from a Business Associate who has worked for the UNDP, whom 
I will 
not disclose at this moment, 
He gave good recommendation about you especially your sincerity and 
However, kindly reach me 
immediately for details should you agree to its content.  I am a Principal 
Accountant and the 
Chairman of the Federal 
Tenders' Board Committee to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). 
message is to solicit for your 
kindness in assisting me to transfer some amount of fund from my country to 
your country. 
The total amount of fund is 
$23.5Million (Twenty three Million, five hundred thousand United States 
Dollars) which 
resulted from various contracts 
awarded by my ministry to some foreign firms in which the contract bills were 
slightly inflated 
by us - members of the 
Tenders' Committee with the sole aim of having the excess fund for our 
subsequent use. 
Presently, all the foreign firms 
that executed the projects concerned have been paid their bills accordingly and 
projects have been commissioned for 

At this juncture, we now want to claim and transfer the excess fund using a 
company since the original contracts 
were performed by foreign contractors. Also, we as civil servants are not 
allowed to operate 
domiciliary nor foreign 
account, therefore, we cannot claim this fund locally, hence the necessity for 
this contact 
with you. It does not matter 
weather or not the said contracts are related to your specific designation, 
more often than 
not contracts awarded are 
subcontracted to firms of more specilised designations.
We have decided to embark on this transaction now that we have a new civilian 
government. Our aim is to present your 
name as a true beneficiary of the fund. The total fund ($23.5Million) will then 
be remitted 
into any designated Bank 
Account as shall be recommended by you. The transaction will be made to be 
believed that 
your company performed 
some contracts for my ministry to which payment is due to be effected. 

In this regard therefore, you will be required to present a  Bank Account that 
conveniently accommodate the total 
amount of fund. The moment the Bank Account details are received from you, it 
will take a 
maximum duration of 10 to 
14 working days to have all documentation compiled and the fund remitted to 
your account. 
Remember we have all 
necessary modalitites in place to secure all ministarial approvals for this 
On completion of the transaction, we have resolved to give you 15% of the fund 
for your 
efforts and assistance 
rendered, 10% will be used to settle all imminent expenses associated in the 
course of this 
transaction after completion, 
while 75% will be for us. 
I will be disposed to giving details of this proposal as soon as I receive your 
signifying your interest in this 
proposal and your willingness to assist in its realization. Please, you can 
contact me via my 
confidential e mail address ; 
for more details on how we shall commence the whole transaction. 
Permit me to stress the confidential nature of this transaction. It absolutely 
free from all sorts 
of risk and does not 
depend on any particular field of trade to prosecute. Above all trust and 
honesty must be 
our watchword throughout. 

Thanks in anticipation and God bless. 

Best Regards,

Dr. Yahaya Musa

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