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more on lyrics

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: more on lyrics
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 08:11:12 +0200 (CEST)

[CVS from 2002-07-20 14:17]

Some issues which don't work as expected.

. Font handling sucks.  There should be an easy command to change the
  font family (in the LaTeX sense) globally: The default CM isn't very
  pleasing for lyrics; most users probably want Times or something
  like this.  It seems that an expert can do this by overwriting some
  alists of font.scm, but this isn't a solution.

  IMHO the general problem is that you try to emulate LaTeX font
  handling in font.scm but with less flexibility.  You are abusing
  LaTeX's `family' parameter as something which is originally covered
  partly by the `encoding' field (i.e. `math' or `text'), namely the
  function within LilyPond.

  I strongly suggest to make the `font-family' parameter behave
  identically to its LaTeX counterpart, e.g. holding values like `ptm'
  or `cmtt'.

  You could then provide an interface which maps a high-level font
  family name together with some attributes to a low-level font family
  name.  Example:

    Times + roman -> ptm
    CM + typewriter -> cmtt
    * + ancient -> parmesan


. How are text syllables positioned by default?  At least for me the
  behaviour looks very erratic, and I ask to always center it.  I can
  provide examples if necessary.  The attached image has been
  produced with the current CVS.

    sopran = \notes \relative c'' {
      \time 3/4 a2.( |
      )g2 r4 |

    text = \lyrics {
      Zeit. __

    Text = \context Lyrics {

    Sopran = \context Voice \notes {

    \score {

      \paper {
        linewidth = -1

. Another bug: As can be seen in the image, the final `__' is missing.

. The other image shows a third bug: the `__' is far too long if it
  has to be broken:

    sopran = \notes \relative c'' {
      \time 3/4 a2.( | \break
      )g2 g4 |

    text = \lyrics {
      viel __ Zeit. __



PNG image

PNG image

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