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Re: still lyrics

From: Glen Prideaux
Subject: Re: still lyrics
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 08:03:54 +0800
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Han-Wen wrote:

 . Playing with the `alignment' property, I expect that text is
   always centered below the corresponding notes for value 0.  But it
   isn't in all cases!  Why not?  This looks like a bug.  See
   attached image.

.. for the moment I'm gladly leaving this to Glen who wrote the code.

It sounds like you're encountering the lyric-phrasing-engraver. This is intended to automatically adjust the alignment of lyrics of songs with multiple stanzas. It makes the first syllable of a phrase left aligned, and the last right aligned, detecting phrases by punctuation. If you don't want this, set the property Score.automaticPhrasing to false.

Hope this helps.


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