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tablatures and long/dotted notes

From: Karl Berry
Subject: tablatures and long/dotted notes
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 09:27:54 -0400

I've noticed a couple problems with tablatures and some note values.
I'm working off the cvs sources, but these problems were in 1.6.0 also.

1) for dotted notes, the dot is printed right in the middle of the fret
   number.  It would be nice if it could be moved over.

2) for half notes, I've seen both hash marks printed across the
   tablature stem, or two stems tied together (the second with no fret
   number).  (I've also seen some books that just ignore the problem and
   just print it like a quarter note, which is what lilypond is doing
   now ...)

Here's an example input file showing these things.  (I doubt the
different tuning and line-count makes a difference, but I didn't try without.)


\version "1.6.1"

part = \notes {
  c'2. c'2 c'4.

\score {
  \context StaffGroup <
    \context Staff <
      % Hide fingering number
      \property Staff.Fingering \override #'transparent = ##t
    \context TabStaff <
      \property Staff.Stem \override #'direction = #-1  % stems below frets
      \outputproperty #(make-type-checker 'staff-symbol-interface)
                      #'line-count = #4
      \property TabStaff.stringTunings = #'(-5 2 9 16)

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