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Re: measure numbering problems

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: measure numbering problems
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 23:30:00 +0200
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Karl Berry wrote:

1) there's a spurious measure number printed at the end of each line.
   For example, 6 on the first line, which repeats as the measure number
   at the beginning of the second line.  This is a printing problem
   only, not a numbering problem.

This is because you have set the break-visibility to #all-visible.
If you instead use #end-of-line-invisible then you get the desired result.

2) the numbering is off from the beginning.  The measure labeled `2' is
   actually measure 3, and the real measure 2 is not numbered.

No, this is not true. The 1st upbeat (the partial measure) should NOT get a bar-number. Numbering begins with the first whole measure which is what you see in your score.
If you really need an alternative numbering then you could insert
\property Score.currentBarNumber = #2
in start of score.

3) the last measure before the repeat is numbered 8.  Then the first
   (partial) measure after the repeat is not numbered (it should have
   been 9).  And then the first full measure after the repeat is again
   numbered 8 (it should be 10).  (Actually, all those numbers are off
   by 1 because of problem #2, but you get the idea, I hope.)

Again, default notation would be not to give the partial measure a bar number so that the incomplete measure before the :|: and the partial measure after together form a complete measure.
What you see now is wrong, though.
The problem is that the \partial command subtracts one from the bar number in order to get the starting measure numbering right. Solution in this case is simply to remove the \partial directive from your score - the \bar-command does not reset the timing and hence you get the correct result even without the \partial command. If you need the partial measure to get its own barNumber - correctly displayed, also, then I can see no clean solution - but a very ugly solution is to manually shorten the length of the incomplete measures, like this (fixed snippet of your source):

  b,4 a,8 g, fis,4. g,8         % 8
  \property Score.measureLength = #(make-moment 3 4)
  < d,2. g, >                     % 9
  \bar ":|:"
  \property Score.measureLength = #(make-moment 1 4)
  b,8 a,8               % 10
  \property Score.measureLength = #(make-moment 1 1)
  d4 a,8 c b,4 g8 d             % 11

Other experienced users, please speak up if you have a better solution for this.


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