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Tiny bug

From: Erik Sandberg
Subject: Tiny bug
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 23:13:06 +0200


Now THIS bug is tiny:

b8:8, which does not make very much sense (but which added a tremolo flag to 
the eighth in 1.4), produces a programming error. Perhaps this should be 
caught as a warning instead? (it is certainly a stupid thing to type b8:8, 
but no stupidity in the world is bad enough to justly be punished with 
something as painful as a programming error!)

echo \\score {\\notes {b8:8}}|ly2dvi - >/dev/null
produces stderr:
Running LilyPond...
GNU LilyPond 1.6.0
Now processing: `-'
Interpreting music...[1]
Preprocessing elements... 
Calculating column positions... [2]
paper output to `lelie.tex'...
programming error: No tremolo flags? (Continuing; cross thumbs)

Analyzing lelie.tex...
Running LaTeX...


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