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How to avoid "programming error: Unknown prefatory spacing."?

From: Alois Steindl
Subject: How to avoid "programming error: Unknown prefatory spacing."?
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 13:18:31 +0200
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on a RedHat 7.3 system with the downloaded rpm-file for Lilypond 1.6.3
(and also with the currently available cygwin versions 1.6.0 and 1.5.73)
I get a lot of messages:
programming error: Unknown prefatory spacing.  (Continuing; cross thumbs)

In the output the spacing looks quite strange:
The lyric words are left aligned with their notes and sometimes overlap the
left neighbour, if that is too long. (Here, after stretching the space, the
words "Komm, wir versuchen das" in the second strophe.
On the other hand short words use much space.

Also the chords look bad: The m-s overlap the letters.

What am I doing wrong? Or is this some feature/bug?

I ask in this list now,since there has not yet been any reaction in address@hidden


My input file is given next, but also with the example files from the documentation the same problems occur. Maybe I am doing something stupid, but I cannot figure it out.

\version "1.6.3"

\header {
        title = "Ich bin nicht anders"
        poet = "Text: Susi Kastner"
        composer = "Musik: Ivo Zopf"
        tagline = "Gesetzt mit Lilypond"
        tagline = " "
\paper{ papersize = "a4"
        textheight = \vsize - 2.0 \cm}
\include "paper20.ly"
\include "deutsch.ly"
%\include "banter.ly"
melody = \notes
        \relative c' {
                \property Staff.AutoBeaming = ##f
                \property Staff.automaticMelismata = ##t
        \property Score.midiInstrument = "banjo"
        \key c \major
        \time 4/4
        c4 e2 g4 | g2 f2 | d4 g2 f4 | e2. r4| \break c2 d4 e4|
        f4 r4 r2 | e4 e2 d4 | c2. r4 \bar "||" \break
        <f4 a4^"Ref:"> <a4 c4> <a4. c4.> <g8 h8> |
<f4 a4> <e4 g4> <e4 g4> r8 <e8 g8> | \break <d4 f4> <d4 f4> <c4 e4> <d4 f4> |
<e2 g2> r4 <e4 g4> |
<f4 a4> <a4 c4> <a4. c4.> <g8 h8> |\break <f4 a4> <e4 g4> <e2 g2> |
        <g8 h8> <g4 h4> <f8 a8> <e4 g4> <d4 f4> | <c2. e2.> r8
 \bar "|."

accompaniment =\chords {
c1 d:min g c a:min
d:min g c f
c g:7 c
f c g:7 c

text = \lyrics < {
            \context LyricsVoice = "Soprano-1"
            \property LyricsVoice .stanza = "1:"
            \property LyricsVoice .stz = "(1)"
        \property Lyrics . LyricText \override #'alignment = #0
Ich bin nicht an -- ders, ich bin wie du, dreh dich nicht weg,
komm, hör mir zu:

            \context LyricsVoice = "Soprano-2"
            \property LyricsVoice .stanza = "2:"
            \property LyricsVoice .stz = "(2)"
        \property Lyrics . LyricText \override #'alignment = #0
Du bist gern lus-- tig, du bist wie ich.
Komm, lach mit mir, dann freu ich mich!
            \property LyricsVoice .stanza = "Ref.:"
            \property LyricsVoice .stz = "Ref.:"
Spiel mit mir und lern mit mir, ge-- mein-- sam macht's mehr Spaß,
du hältst zu mir und ich zu dir! Komm, wir ver-- su-- chen das!
            \context LyricsVoice = "Soprano-3"
            \property LyricsVoice .stanza = "3:"
            \property LyricsVoice .stz = "(3)"
        \property Lyrics . LyricText \override #'alignment = #0
Sind wir zu -- sam -- men, lern ich von dir,
und was ich kann, lernst du von mir.


\score {
        \simultaneous {
%         \accompaniment
          \context ChordNames \accompaniment
             \context Staff = mel
                \melody }
             \context Lyrics \text
        \property Lyrics . LyricText \override #'alignment = #0
                          \midi  { \tempo 4=120}
        \paper { linewidth = 16.5\cm }

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