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Water Meters at Lowest Prices on Internet

From: www.watermeters.com
Subject: Water Meters at Lowest Prices on Internet
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 10:11:25

We aren't kidding. Compare our prices and you'll buy meters from us plus we 
offer quantity discounts, same day shipping, couplings included at no extra 
charge on DLJ Meters. Visit http://www.dljmeter.com, check out our prices and 
quality or call toll free 800-654-3733 to speak with us, we welcome your call. 
For example, high quality epoxy coated bronze DLJ75 meter including 3/4" NPT 
couplings $39.95 each, quantity one,the more you buy the less you pay for each, 
call us.

This mailing is intended for the plumbing trade and to encourage water 
conservation. To be removed e-mail back with remove in subject line or call us 
toll free 800-654-3733

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