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bad line numbers in error messages

From: Laurent Martelli
Subject: bad line numbers in error messages
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 2002 22:35:41 +0200
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Dear lily developpers,

I believe I have a bug in the way lily 1.6.4 prints line numbers in its
error messages. I think its related to the use of \include.

Let's say I have a file like the following. If an error occur in
__input__, line numbers are wrong: I have to add 2 in order to get the
right line number.

\midi { \tempo 4 = 120 }

\include "__input__"
\include "chord-name.ly"

\score {
  \notes \transpose c' \Score
  \paper {
    \translator {
      \ScoreContext \remove "Bar_number_engraver"
    \translator { 
      \ChordNamesContext ChordName \override #'style = #'jazz
  \midi {  }

Laurent Martelli                        http://jac.aopsys.com/
address@hidden                    http://www.bearteam.org/~laurent/

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