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Can't Get Started

From: A.J. Bashore II
Subject: Can't Get Started
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 20:58:37 -0400


LilyPond won't start up for me.

I have the following messages:  "BASH: kpsespand: command not found",
"BASH: Kpsewhich: command not found", and when I type up "ly2dvi -p foo"
all I get is something like:  "error: geropt says: 'option -p not
recognized' ".

What must I do next? I certainly am not familiar with any dos window
that pop out.  

I thank you for your assistance.

I would think that with your templates  you might wish to have a
notation and tabulature template. The user could designate how many
lines he would want for the tab.

Yours In Harmony,
A.J. Bashore II

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