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Re: possible bug in 1.6.4

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: possible bug in 1.6.4
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 18:12:04 +0200

I think the problem is a misprint of yours.

When you say d,s you probably mean ds,
The d,s is interpreted as a d, followed by a spacing note,
that's why you get en extra (invisible) eight note in that 

In general, I recommend to always insert a '|' in the 
input file where you expect to find a bar line. This
bar check will be used in Lilypond to generate a warning
as soon as a bar doesn't match the meter. At least I 
make so many typing mistakes that this is an invaluable
help to quickly spot the mistakes. I know some other people
on the list think it's a waste of typing, though.


> Hi,
> I've recently started to use lilypond and I think that I've run into a
> bug.  
> I'm running the cygwin build of lilypond 1.6.4.
> The attached 2 files are a segement of the bass line for a piece that
> I'm writing.  In the 3/4 section of test1.ly, it only puts 5 8th notes
> in measure 19, then it puts the remaining one in measure 20.  When it
> returns to 4/4, the beats continue to be off.
> In the file test2.ly, I've commented out measure 19 and everything else
> works correctly.
> Since I am new to using lilypond, it's possible that I've made an
> error, but I've tried to count the number of beats and I think that the
> timing is correct.
> Other than this, so far I'm very impressed with this software.  I've
> been using a mixture of Cakewalk and Finale for several years to do
> this type of work, but I've always found them to be ackward to do a
> complete printout of my compositions and arrangements.  
> Thank you,
> Kirk Howe
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