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Line numbers and warning messages

From: Maurizio Tomasi
Subject: Line numbers and warning messages
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 02:32:39 -0800

Hello to everybody!

I am using Lilypond 1.6.5.  When I wrongly insert durations in my lily
files and compile them, ly2dvi gives a wrong line number for the line
it is referring to.  For instance, if I compile the following file:

01:  \score {
02:    \context Staff {
03:      \notes \relative g' {
04:        \time 2/4
05:        \key c \minor
07:        r8 [g g g] |
08:        es2 |
09:        r [f f f] | ~       % Error! It should be r8 [f f f]
10:        d2
11:      }
12:    }
13:  }

then the first warning message given by ly2dvi is

/home/ziotom/musica/k421/test.ly:7:8: warning: Suspect duration
found following this beam:
            r [
               f f f] | ~

The place is right, but the line number is wrong: "r [f f f]" is not
the seventh line but the ninth one.  By doing further tests, it seems 
that the error line number is always two lines above the correct line.


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