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Re: Multi-measure rests and text markup

From: John Williams
Subject: Re: Multi-measure rests and text markup
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 21:04:27 -0600 (MDT)

On Sat, 12 Apr 2003, Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:

> address@hidden writes:
> >    R1*20_"yadayada"^\markup{ \number "20" }
> >
> > That looks fine in the cello part, but when I create the full score (or
> > set Score.skipBars = ##f), the multi-measure rest will be expanded into
> > single measure rests, since there are things going on in the other parts.
> > And the first measure will have a big "20" over it!
> >
> > Still a feature?
> Good point. It should be switchable, then.  But isn't this also
> a problem with other texts on mm rests?

In my case at least, the other texts are tempo, dynamic, and other
markings which should always be there, where "there" is the beginning of
the multi-measure rest when collapsed, and at the beginning of the first
measure when expanded.  If other important markings occured in the middle
of a rest section, I think it would be fair to require a new multi-measure

> You could write a new offset callback for the Text object that checks
> the width of the Y-parent (the mm rest symbol), and moves the text
> object to the left. You could use
> Self_alignment_interface::centered_on_other_axis_parent as
> inspiration; you could also write it in Scheme. Or write a callback
> that examines the width of the left bound of the spanner, and moves to
> the right edge of the left bound.

I guess I'll have to experiment with that.  My scheme is, um, rather weak,
but maybe this will be a good excuse to work on it.

> > So maybe I need to go back to < R s > to get what I want.
> No, it sucks.

Oh well.

~ John Williams

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