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Accidentials, bar-numbering and beaming with \partial

From: Johan Eidenvall
Subject: Accidentials, bar-numbering and beaming with \partial
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 19:49:31 +0100

I hav found an error/bug regarding partial measuers (I think).
If you study the input and output of the attatched ly-code (at the end othis message)...
(1): the accidentals are not reset at the start of an partial measure!!!
    (I belive that they should be... as in full measures)
(2): the two partial measures are not numbered as one measure...
    (that's what I want if e.g. there is an key change in the middle of a measure (I'm looking at a printed score with such a key-change and is trying to reconstruct it in "ly") )
An other thing... (no code for this one...)
(3): When using \partial the alignment of the beams is as if the 'partial' would be the _end_ of a measure. (nothing about that in the user manual)
    That is good if you are using a \partial as an upstep, but if you are using the \partial as an ending (matchin an upstep) you want the \partial to "beam" as if it was the _begining_ of a measure... I can't find anything in the documentation on how to do that.
(since it is not documented i'd say it's a bug...)
%%%===START=== Accidentials and bar-numbering with \partial...
\include "english.ly"
\version "2.0.1"
myNotes = \notes \relative c' {
    \clef "G"
    \key g\major
    \time 4/4
    fs4 fs fs fs
    f f f f
    \partial 2 fs f
    \partial 2 f f
    f f f f
\score {
    \new Staff {
        \property Score.BarNumber \override
        #'break-visibility = #end-of-line-invisible
    \paper { }
Have a nice day
\Johan Eidenvall

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