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, This is a time sensitive message. (11/13/03)

From: David Ledoux
Subject: , This is a time sensitive message. (11/13/03)
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 21:09:39 -0500

>From The Desk Of David Ledoux, Founder Ilovemlm.com

IMPORTANT: This is a time sensitive message that you must respond to now!

Hello ,

Here’s a quick update on the amazing leads offer I sent to you
on Monday. (1/3 million leads on CD)

, remember you have until midnight today (Nov 13) to
reserve your copy and get all the bonuses mentioned.

Limited quantities of this CD is still available. Go to:


NOTE: We’ve also added more payment options to make ordering easier.
Go to: http://www.ilovemlm.com/database/faq.htm#q8

, we received many questions that we could not respond
to personally due to the overwhelming demand created by this CD.
However we did create a page with some of the most common question we 
received over the last 48hrs.


I appreciate You.

David Ledoux

Author: How I Went From Welfare To Millionaire Without Winning The Lottery
Founder and CEO:  ILOVEMLM.com

p.s. , to reserve your copy of the CD with over 1/3 million
leads. Rush over to:


p.p.s , don’t panic if you’ve already placed your order. This is a generic
message that’s being sent to everyone (customers and non customers).
As long as your transaction was accepted by Pay Pal, it means that your copy 
been reserved.

If you no longer wish to receive communication from us:

To update your contact information:

reply via email to

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