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Re: Very long hyphens in lyrics

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Very long hyphens in lyrics
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 11:44:43 +0100
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The best way to file a feature request is to send the mail to
address@hidden I send a copy of this reply to that list,
so you don't really have to do anything extra.

However, I realize that the solution I sent in a previous email
to avoid the empty lyrics lines were removed didn't work correctly.
This version should work better:

      \remove "Hara_kiri_engraver"
      \consists "Axis_group_engraver"


Russ Ross wrote:
While searching the archive I came across this message from a month
ago.  I'm having the same issue but it is even worse when the hyphen
extends (or should extend) over an entire line.  Currently, lilypond
doesn't print anything for that line and compresses the vertical
spacing as though there were no lyrics at all, which is a bit
confusing since it's the middle of a word.

How does one file a feature request for something like this?  As you
proposed, a property on LyricHyphen would be perfect--set it once
and have it behave that way through the whole score.

When I tried using a lyric extender instead of a hyphen, it still
drops out for the line when there are no other new lyrics on that
line, then reappears on the next line to lead up to the next new
word.  For example:

\score {
  \new Staff \notes \relative c' {
    c4 c c c | c c c c | c c c c | c c c c | c c c c |
    c c c c | c c c c | c c c c | c c c c | c c c c
    c c c c | c c c c | c c c c | c c c c | c c c c
    c c c c | c c c c | c c c c | c c c c | c c c c
  \new Lyrics \lyrics {
    Fu4*79 __ bar!4
  \new Lyrics \lyrics {
    Fu4*79 -- bar!4

  \paper {}

I'm guessing that even if we had a LyricHyphen property that used
repeated dashes it would still skip the middle line, seeing as both
the hyphen and the lyric extender skip it now.  Is there any way to
prevent this?  Is this a bug or is it intentional?



One common way to typeset this is to use an extender line,
as you have done after cau-sa. It shouldn't be hard to
implement support for this alternative layout, for example
adding a property to LyricHyphen or LyricExtender. We already
have support for dashed lines in several other contexts.


Erik Sandberg wrote:


I'm typesetting a piece where the first syllable "dam" of
one word "dam - ni" is ornamented for 3 bars. I am no
expert in vocal music notation, but all my sources notate
this by using a sequence of short hyphens ("dam - - - - -
ni" like LyrB below) instead of one very long hyphen
("dam ---- ni" like LyrA below). However, my hack in LyrB
is an ugly hack that shouldn't be done.

Is there an easy way of achieving something similar
in Lilypond? If not, should there be one? (Since this
seems to be some kind of standard, perhaps a special
notation of it would be motivated? E.g., --- or --


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