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Difficulty with ties

From: holtropksk
Subject: Difficulty with ties
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2004 19:26:01 GMT

I recently downloaded Lilypond 2.0 and entered several piano music songs (which 
I submitted to Mutopia.) First of all I think the program does a good job of 
fufilling its promise and produces a very nice output. It is fairly easy to use 
for 90% of the music entry. However, dealing with ties, especially with music 
which has a considerable amount of polyphony (with ties crossing voices) was 
very time consuming. I never did find an aesthetically pleasing way of dealing 
with ties in the /repeat volta /alternative structure. Since beauty is one of 
your goals I would consider the aesthetically displeasing workarounds needed 
for this structure to be a bug. Is there any plans to fix this in the future? I 

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