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Your Consent Required

From: Mr. Kaba Kweli
Subject: Your Consent Required
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2004 09:50:04 GMT

Greetings to You.

Dear Friend, 


Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Kaba Kweli, a
former Director in a security company in South Africa (name
of company to be disclosed later). I was retired suddenly
without notice from my position as Director last year due to
dirty politics in the Company that did not favour me.

I have decided to contact you through this medium based on
business proposal that will be of mutual benefit to both of
us. I have not discussed this transaction with anybody
because it is very sensitive and secret. 

My former Company has been well patronised in the past by
top African (military) leaders who have kept various sums of
money disgiused as family treasures/valuables. On one
occassion in 1996, a top African Military leader deposited
Four boxes with us registered as precious stone. Later in
1998, he was killed and later members of his family came
forward to make claims but were not sure of the number of
boxes registered as they could not present the full papers
to us. I decided to keep one box and delivered three boxes
to them. They opened it and saw it contained genuine dollars
bills well over $15M in each boxes. I was given a few
thousands since I was a witness to what it contained before
they left. I also secretly investigated what was in the last
box in our vault, they were all the same.

Due to the way the Company was operated, it was not easy for
a singular person to undertake this operation so I quickly
prepared full papers for the last box in another name and I
waited for several months since I still had some money to
spend but unfortunately, I lost my job before I could
conclude this but I have full claim to the last box.

With the modalities and paper work in my possession, I am
now soliciting your noble assistance to assist me in
transferring this money out of South Africa to your country
for immediate investment with your assistance. 

I have also decided that we shall discuss the issue of share
by percentage before we continue with the transaction.
Please make suggestion in your response. Upon my receipt of
your reply confirming your willingness to assist me with
this transaction, I will immediately arrange and transfer
all the rights of ownership of this consignment to your name
to facilitate your easy clearance and transfer of the
complete funds to your country for onwards investment.
Please maintain absolute confidentiality on this matter as I
await your most prompt response. 

Yours faithfully,  

Mr. Kaba Kweli.

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