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Re: feta20.enc not found

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: feta20.enc not found
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2004 18:00:29 +0200
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David Bobroff writes:

>> That depends on how you run LilyPond.  If you run from the build
>> directory, you can try:
>>     rm -rf share
>>     make
>> which should fix it.  If you install and then run, lilypond won't look
>> in the original source dir, of course.
> I'm not sure I entirely understand that.  Is this a quick fix that
> shouldn't be necessary once I've checked out your following fix?

If you don't understand, you probably don't need this (no offence

There are two supported ways to run lilypond, the usual way is:

   ./configure; make; make install; cd ~; lilypond

but you can also omit the `make install' part and run from the build
directory, which is handy if you're a developer:

   ./configure --prefix=$(pwd); make; lilypond

In the latter case, a fake datadir tree is setup under ./share .

> I'll let you know.  Maybe I should state explicitely that this appeared
> to be a change in the behavior of the build/use of Lily, and therefore,
> possibly a bug.  That's why I thought it worth reporting.  I proceeded
> as always and, while it built/installed I was getting the error about
> the feta20.enc file.

Ok.  Yes, it is (was) certainly a bug.  The dependency on .enc files
is new, and I almost never actually install lilypond.

> I thought maybe this was such breakage, and didn't assume that you
> automatically knew about it.

I didn't, otherwise it would have been fixed before you reported it ;-)


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