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Staffs written twice on page

From: Stef Epardaud
Subject: Staffs written twice on page
Date: Sat, 1 May 2004 18:46:24 +0200
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I have here a quite large guitar tab file with 9 guitars, which used to 
output to paper fine using lilypond 2.1.17, but not anymore with 2.3.1
Now when I process it, it prints the first page correctly, and all the
other pages have the score written twice with a down shift overlapping
eachother. The result is of course that it cannot be read.

I'm joining the file along.
Also, is there still no harakiri sort of context for tabstaffs ?

(On a non related note, my drum scores now produce no more warnings with
the 2.3.1 version, but I still get lots of warnings on that file)
St├ęphane Epardaud

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