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convert-ly limitations

From: Carl M. Bolstad
Subject: convert-ly limitations
Date: 09 May 2004 22:36:18 -0700


I just upgraded to Lilypond 2.2.0 from version 2.0.0.  I haven't been
using Lilypond for more than about a couple of months, so I didn't have
very many files to convert.  Most of them converted quite nicely (I
think most actually needed no changes) except for all of the files that
had lyrics.  You may be aware of this already, but convert-ly didn't
actually make any of the changes needed for the lyrics to work in
2.2.0.  I had to:

1.  move the lyrics section into a << >> section inside the \notes { }
2.  change my setting of the LyricText property font-relative-size to
the property font-size,
3.  add the \lyricsto keyword, delete the \addlyrics keyword, and change
\context to \new in the Lyrics section,
4.  give the VaticanaVoice context a name, and
5.  change the staff and lyrics font sizes from +2 to +3

all by hand.  Once I did this, the scores looked great -- even better
than they had under 2.0.0.  But it seems like these changes should be
programmable into convert-ly.

I am attaching some files labeled "before," "after," and
"afterTweaking," both the .ly files and the .ps files, so you can see
exactly what I mean.  By the way, this music is copywrited (by a friend
of mine), and I have only sent a small portion of it as an example, so
please don't copy or distribute it.  Thanks!

Carl Bolstad

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