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possible bug with key-signature-scordatura.ly

From: Karl Grill
Subject: possible bug with key-signature-scordatura.ly
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 09:58:30 +0200

I'm interested in oriental (Turkish) music, and this uses some fairly
non-stndard key sgnatures, so I use key-signature-scordatura.ly as a
template to generate my own keys. I have some problem with the
original file, however. Namely, from the source, I'd figure that the
first key signature should have two accidentals - a quarter sharp at
the high e and a quarter b at the low f - but only the first shows up
in the printed output (not only on my machine, but also in the picture
shown at the website). I'm not familiar with the fine points of music
notation, so this may not be a bug but a feature. I do not htink so,
however, because when I reverse the order of the two accidentals in
the source file, suddenly both accidentals show, but with rather
awkward spacing. So, I figure that this may simply be a spcing
problem, and the missing accidental gets covered by some other item
(maybe the clef, or the other accidental). 

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