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Running lilypond under windows 2000

Subject: Running lilypond under windows 2000
Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 05:37:52 +1000

I have successfully downloaded and installed Lily Pond under windows
2000. (A message came up at the end of installation saying 'program
successfully installed', or similar words).
When I double click the 'Cygwin.bat' icon to start the program I get a
blank black box headed 'Cygwin'.
This changes after a short time to a box headed '~'.
Contained in this box is the following message:-   
address@hidden ~
$ _ 
My user name for windows 2000 is 'Administrator'
My question is:-      What do I enter after the $ sign to get the
program to run?
I tried typing in my win 2000 password which did not work.
The following message came up after typing in the password:-       bash:
(password): command not found
What does 'bash' mean?
Hope you can help
Walter Russell               address@hidden

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