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lilypond-book filename fragment option

From: John Williams
Subject: lilypond-book filename fragment option
Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 15:06:33 -0600
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lilypond-bood version 2.0 had a fragment option called filename="xyzzy".

Unfortunately, all this option did was to rename the lily-*.ly file to xyzzy.ly, while the .png, etc files (which I would consider the important ones, since they are the final results) are still referred to with random numbers.

I was able to fix this in lilypond-book-2.0.1 with the attached patch. It then used "xyzzy" as the basename for the whole process (.ly .tex .dvi .eps .png etc). This patch saved my project, since python was choking on the size of my source file. I had to break it into smaller pieces for lilypond-book to generate the .png's from, and I was able to keep <img> references to predictable filenames in the original source file.

I've downloaded lilypond version 2.3 now, and noticed that lilypond-book has been extensively redesigned. It now tells me this:

 lilypond-book: warning: ignoring unknown ly option: filename="baron1"

However the documentation still has "filename" listed as an option:

|  filename=|filename
   This names the file for the |printfilename| option. The argument
   should be unquoted.

   There doesn't appear to be any other references to the
   "printfilename" option.

   Is there any possibility of getting a filename option which uses the
   given filename for the whole process, instead of just leaving a copy
   of the .ly file with that name?

   ~ John Williams

--- lilypond-2.0.1/scripts/out/lilypond-book    Sun Jan 11 12:42:20 2004
+++ ./lilypond-book     Thu May 20 11:11:13 2004
@@ -732,8 +732,6 @@
 ''' % (optstring, music_size, linewidth, indent, notime) + body
-       if orig_name:
-               body = '\\renameinput \"%s\"\n%s' % (orig_name, body)
        # ughUGH not original options
@@ -1251,7 +1249,7 @@
                original_name = os.path.basename (original_name)
-               base = unique_file_name (content)
+               base = original_name
                outname = base + '.ly'
                changed = update_file (content, outname)

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