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Re: Fingering Spacing Bug

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: Re: Fingering Spacing Bug
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2005 08:17:11 -0500
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On Friday 31 December 2004 09:14 pm, Erik Sandberg wrote:
> On Friday 31 December 2004 14.35, David Raleigh Arnold wrote:
> > I've held off upgrading from 2.2.6 to 2.4.2 because I wanted to finish
> > a project.
> >
> > I converted this file from 2.2.6 to 2.4.2 and the bug is still very much
> > present.
> >
> > I know I could adjust one note at a time, but I think it's more practical
> > to wait until you fix this.  There is also a similar problem with
> > horizontal spacing, but that can be helped with a tweak.
> You can also try to use some ugly trick, like:
> A = \transpose c des \relative {c'4 d e f g a b c}
> S = \transpose d des {\hideNotes \relative {d'^1 e^1 f^1 g^1 a^1 b^1 c^1
> d^1}} \new Staff <<
> \A
> \new Voice \S
> This works, and it might take less time to do.

It's ingenious, but now the numbers are too far from the
note head, even with the fingering attached to lower
invisible notes.

Surely the staccato dots don't look like that?
I'm sure it can be done with a sed script, but the problem
is getting out the paddings and shiftings later, when they
become unnecessary with any luck at all.  I'll wait a while.
I've got plenty else to do.

> > The spacing of the fingering above the notes looks awful.  It will
> > actually give you a headache to read too much scale like that.  The
> > height should not be affected by the presence of a chromatic sign.
> The problem is that it _should_ be affected if the text sticks out to the
> left of the notehead. Solving the general problem of script placement is a
> very big task, and the time for development is limited.

But you handle fingering in a special way as a single character already.
It would be nice if the _-^ usage for a number extended to other single

> Anyway, I added the bug to CVS as text-spacing-accidental.ly.

Thank you for taking the time.  daveA

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