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Re: \set fontSize ignored?

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: \set fontSize ignored?
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 22:29:21 -0700
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I'm sending this to Lilypond-user also:

Peter Chubb wrote:

Paul> address@hidden wrote:
I'm trying to typeset some optional notes a bit smaller.  But Lily
seems to ignore the font change size in this context.
As you can see below part of the solution is to name the voice correctly.

Paul> You don't mention what version but my current definition for cue
Paul> notes (similar to what you are doing?) is:

Not precisely -- the notes I want smaller are in a chord.  If you're
singing one to a part, then they should be ignored; if two or more to a
part, then they could be sung.

Paul> so "Staff. " may be what you need to add.  Or maybe "Score.".
Paul> This has worked with several versions and currently works with
Paul> 2.4.2.

I tried that, but it changes the sizes of *all* the notes not just the
one that's meant to be changed,
This cheats a little (I moved the Bb to the tenor voice) but works (on 2.4.2) suggesting you need to put the small note(s) in a separate voice:
Bassus = \relative c {
<< % %{ bes'2 } { \context Voice = Bass \set fontSize = #-5 g'2 \unset fontSize }
  >>  f4 d |

Tenor = \relative c' {
         <bes d >2 c4 d |

\score {
  \context Staff { \clef "F" <<
    \context Voice = Tenor {\voiceOne\Tenor}
    \context Voice = Bass {\voiceTwo\Bassus}

Thanks. This helped me figure out how to get small cue notes with regular sized notes for the instrument on the part.


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